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An invitation to be part of a new social network

Olga and I have decided to start a new social network. We are calling it YOUMEUS and it is at http://www.youmeus.ning.com.

It is specifically about relationships. The text below, which is part of a general invitation to attract membership explains what it is about, and why we feel it is an important network to participate in.

This invitation is to anyone who may have an interest in taking part by starting their own groups within YOUMEUS on specific subjects that are important to them within the context of relationships.

In the ever more fractured and overwhelming environment of internet communications, this is an opportunity to focus people’s attention on relationships within any chosen context – to explore, discuss and inspire – and we would encourage you to use YOUMEUS as a way to attract interest and draw people to take part in your own activities, what ever they may be.

For instance, Ziona Etzion may choose to start a humanitarian relations group on YOUMEUS. The need to improve relationships in the humanitarian arena are all too apparent, especially right now. As someone who is living less than two hours’ drive away from Gaza, she knows all too well the crucial nature of the need. The group on YOUMEUS can act as a relevant gateway to Truemanity.com.

What ever your interest I hope you are inspired to join and take part. If you know of others whom you feel may be interested to start a group, please let them know as well.

Olga and I look forward to seeing you there.

YOUMEUS – It’s all about relationships

How we relate to ourselves determines how we relate to others, and how we relate to others determines our degree of success, influence and fulfillment in the world. We can see the butterfly effect in action—from our personal lives, right up to international relations. Yet even though we’re supposedly the most intelligent beings on Earth, our relationships are chaotic and dysfunctional and we remain a mystery to ourselves.

YOUMEUS is a new social network for exploring ideas, insights and perspectives on all forms of relationships—with self, with others, with family, with society, on the internet, with money, with illness, in politics, in community, between nations and with our planet.

How can we improve relationships on all levels?

• With Internet technology, our ability to build relationships has grown enormously; but have our relationship skills and self-awareness evolved accordingly?

• Have we simply gone into overwhelm, with our focus fragmented and dispersed in ways that cancel out more meaningful connections?

• Are we just skimming the surface or blindly racing from network to network in the hope of making contacts and getting our needs met?

• How good are we at building personal relationships? Are we aware of how our belief systems, judgments and programming constrict and limit what we can see or let in, causing us to repeat self-defeating cycles and dysfunction?

• What relationship do we have with our neighbours, our national leaders, with those who are marketing to us, with other cultures, with our children, families or communities, to name just a few? How are these relationships changing, how do we want them to change, and how can they change in healthy and beneficial ways?

• Communication technology is shrinking our world and now, more than ever, we can see that we’re all inextricably connected; yet the problems of the world are not being resolved. Even if we feel that our personal and business relationships are improving, what more can we do to relate more meaningfully with our world?

YOUMEUS is an opportunity for us all to explore these and many other human dynamics. Please join us with your thoughts, questions, discussions, videos, photos, group suggestions, expertise, humour and approaches to all forms of relationships.

You, me, us: that’s all we have, and everything depends on this complex, fragile combination.
Together we can find ways to do it better.



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