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2010 – make it your ‘Year of Creativity’

I have just launched a new calendar for 2010 showing some of my art. I hope you like it. You can buy a copy online here.

This coming year I am focusing on the essential nature of creativity as a tool we need to embrace to move forward in this world in all ways – politics, economics, relationships included.

This from the calendar:

“Cultivating our creativity is probably the most powerful, rewarding thing we can do in life. While creative pursuits, such as painting, are often seen as hobbies or a way to relax in our stressful lives, tapping into our creativity opens up a whole new world of innovative solutions to life’s challenges. Creativity is, quite simply, our innate ability to create—to make things happen, beyond the confines of our intellectual minds.

When we look at our environment, our economy and our relationships, it’s obvious that the old ways no longer work. We need creative solutions—fresh ideas, new perspectives and dynamic, unfettered thinking. Fears about work or money may prompt us to work harder or learn new skills, but we’re rarely empowered as a result. True breakthroughs come from tapping into our individual creative abilities to discover what works best for us.

Feeding our creativity fosters dynamic problem-solving, innovative thinking and inspired ideas, while enhancing self-confidence and self-expression. It also nourishes our imagination, ingenuity and emotional health, helping us to develop more fully as individuals and to interact more effectively with others. In our changing world, it’s the exploration of our creativity that will generate the dynamic solutions we need.

My art represents my commitment to the creative exploration of new horizons, dimensions and possibilities. I hope the selection in this calendar will inspire you to explore your own creative gifts and to discover the world of possibilities in you. “

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