Vancouver MeshUp is coming: Join the community!

A new business meetup group, MeshUp, is starting in Vancouver. It’s aimed at business professionals who see the need to develop creative, innovative and intuitive skills in an increasingly unpredictable, technologically-driven environment.

These are challenging times for anyone seeking creative solutions to business problems, whatever their area of work. Everything is in a state of flux. We are drowning in information and starved of knowledge. Tried and tested processes are becoming irrelevant; once solid structures and institutions are crumbling; ‘best practice’ only speaks to past successes and won’t necessarily produce the best results now. We are constantly challenged to think on our feet, be original and act quickly.

In a recent IBM report, 60% of CEOs agreed that creativity was the most important leadership quality going forward, and it is clear that creative brands succeed while those that don’t develop a creative culture are more likely to fail.

Open innovation is beginning to flourish as ‘silo’ mentality breaks down and organizational boundaries blur, opening up a wealth of collaborative potential. It has already proved invaluable for major corporations and others that understand that the best creative solutions emerge from discussion, brainstorming, strong relationships and collaborative thinking.

The Vancouver MeshUp is a diverse, dynamic, inclusive and confidential community environment where invited business professionals can share ideas, processes and practices in the world of work, pass on inspirations, de-stress and resolve challenges creatively. The emphasis is on giving and sharing, a kind of ‘open inspiration’, as Lewis Evans, MeshUp’s founder, puts it. MeshUps are structured to include a themed presentation, Q+A, breakout discussions  and networking. It’s a safe place to:

• brainstorm
• present, discuss and receive support
• benefit from creative inspirations
• share processes and ideas
• stimulate new vision
• re-kindle passion and confidence
• network and have fun!

The first Vancouver MeshUp will be held on 1 March.
To find out more and to register for the Vancouver MeshUp, go to

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