About Lewis

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

My work is multi-faceted, centering around creativity. Acting as a mentor, coach or cunsultant, I help companies to build business through creativity, often joining the dots of what they already have, in fresh configurations to find hidden gems – and more profit.

I enjoy the challenge of being truly creative, and the empowerment it brings. Because of that, I lead a varied and interesting life.

For instance:

I have just written my first novel: Hominine – it’s time to choose, which is available through the Hominine website in print and all popular digital formats.

I invented of the Absolute Fibonacci Framework that is used for trading currencies, and with my wife, Olga Sheean, I run LEFT Brain Trading. You can access all our websites through Inside Out Media.

I am developing a business networking product that brings the right information to the user at the right time, and helps them develop their business.

I am an artist. This is one of the most challenging types of work I do. There are no rules, no procedures to follow, no safe techniques in my world of art. I have to dig deep and boldly create from scratch, each time. It doesn’t make for neat, ‘branded’ art, but it’s an essential and highly rewarding activity for me.

My art website is here.

Here’s a longer bio:

I originally followed a career in engineering before turning to graphic design and photography in my twenties. Following graduation, I worked as a graphic designer at the BBC. I then spent some time in New Zealand, before returning to England to set up a marketing communications consultancy near London, where I did design and corporate identity projects for companies in a wide variety of industries.

In the early 1990’s I spent many weekends with a community of artists at the home of the film director, Stanley Kubrick, who lived near me in the UK and whose wife, Christiane, is an artist. Here, I experimented with new methods and media, before setting up my own art studio.

I have exhibited in New York, Marbella, Geneva, Vancouver and the UK.

Art marketing
As an established, professional artist since 1993, I’ve been producing and selling works of art while also promoting the art community using my marketing communication skills. Past promotional projects include:

* development of a strategy and marketing materials for Hertfordshire Open Studios in the UK
* development and promotion of Arts on the Costa – a scheme that enabled the arts community to sell direct to a large incoming customer base in the Costa del Sol in Spain
* through Inside Out Media, my publishing and personal empowerment partnership that he runs with his wife, Olga Sheean, I have piloted Making-Art-Work, a cause-related art marketing initiative designed to support charitable organizations. I have recently started work on it again with a view to its commercialization.

Other work – a selection

Throughout the 1980’s I practised professional photography. My extensive portfolio contains architectural, industrial and fashion work. In the late 1980’s, I designed and photographed many calendars using glamorous models in exotic locations, as well as fashion photography which found its way into several top magazines including Vogue.

I have several inventions under my belt. I invented and commercialized a new way to trade currencies. LEFT Brain Trading uses a combination of powerful mindset techniques developed by my wife, Olga Sheean and a revolutionary method of setting up trading charts that is based on ancient knowledge and the Fibonacci ratios. I co-authored a book on the subject and achieved worldwide recognition and sales within the first year through web-based marketing, seminars and courses. We are still running courses six years later, and enjoying them very much.

I also developed: a planetary and humanitarian Internet-based project designed to deliver commercial benefit through the promotion of a philanthropic lifestyle, and to provide benefits to mankind and the environment; an insurance product that provided benefits to environmental charities; and I designed and manufactured a microwave-shielding device designed to protect mobile phone users from potentially harmful radiation produced by mobile phones.

The United Nations and HIV/AIDS
I spent two years in Geneva working for the International Labour Organization (part of the United Nations), as a communications specialist for ILO/AIDS, the part of the ILO that deals with HIV/AIDS in the world of work.

That’s enough for now…

  1. June 9, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Dear Brother Lewis,

    Greeting s from Bangalore , India . I saw your ad in the internet. I thought of sharing few things about me and my work here. We live in Bangalore , India . This city is very fast growing international city. It is called silicon or Garden City. Though it is called Garden city not many more gardens now.

    We have a mission namely Bethesda Mission which is a legally registered mission and is also a faith based mission. We give all our accounts to our Home Ministry, New Delhi

    We are serving the women and children and our focus areas are Education and Health.

    We undertake lot of projects for these two categories. I am a cancer biologist and so associated with diseases and health. Currently we are having a project on Cervical Cancer.

    We recruit volunteers for our project.

    Our web page is


    If you want to know more about us, you can contact me.

    With regards,


  2. Varma
    August 26, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    am in the medical profession, who is actively involved in photography and theatre..i specialised in Head and Neck diseases in AYURVEDA, and is now working as a professor..i love to see your works, which i had always imagined of..my passion is Photography, Theatre and Medicine..

    • August 27, 2009 at 9:47 am

      It would be interesting to merge all that in the art!

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